Unleash the potential of a long-range counter UAS system that isn’t constrained by weight or cost

Music ON is a cost-effective, long range (5km+) UAS detection and mitigation system that responds to threats beyond the horizon.

Accurate detection and disruption in a single mobile system

Being able to detect specific UAS signatures at extended distances enables tactical teams to ready an appropriate response before a threat becomes a full-blown attack. Music ON is a portable counter UAS system for detection, range finding, telemetry and interdiction of Class 1 and Class 2 drones that can be successfully deployed in urban or battlefield environments.

Music ON detects UAS frequency patterns and identifies the UAS detected, the UAS position relative to the MUSIC ON operator, range to UAS, and range to the UAS operator. This crucial intelligence gives teams a head-start on emergency situations when every second counts.

Features & Benefits

  • Long-range detection

    Music ON has the ability to detect UAV presence up to 5km.

  • Portable system

    Unlike unwieldy fixed counter UAS systems, Music ON can be transported easily in light vehicles to remote locations.

  • Straightforward operation

    Data from Music ON is delivered via a user-friendly mobile screen or with your existing ATAK interface.

  • 360º coverage

    Omni-directional detection capability enables Music ON to register UAS signatures from every direction simultaneously.

  • Cost-effective

    Music ON delivers the same capabilities as fixed position counter UAS systems for a fraction of the purchase price.

Coming Soon

Music ON is not yet available for sale*. For more information about how Music ON can augment your tactical team’s ability to detect and mitigate UAV threats, contact our team for details.

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