A wearable smart jammer that provides protection against commercially-available drones intruding airspace or having malicious intent. Designed for both autonomous or manual use, DUET is lightweight, ruggedized, and continuously updated through its software for constantly refined performance. DUET works with the CADENCE LITE series of drone detectors, making a complete detect-and-defeat solution to mitigate malicious drone threats.   

    Technical Specifications

    • Weight: 775g
    • Dimensions: (DxWxH) 60x90x165mm
    • Color: Black/Desert/Custom
    • Operating temperature: -30° to +65°C
    • Frequency bands: 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz,
    • Battery; (standby) >20 hours
    • Battery: (continuous jamming) 2 hours
    • External battery: AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152
    • Operation modes: Automated and Manual
    • Transmit power (average): Up to 2W average / Up to 10W peak
    • IP67
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